Wednesday, July 11, 2012



He was an ordinary boy, living an ordinary life, in an ordinary place. One day he felt a great discontent and decided to move out of that place. He wanted some sort of excitement and a new life. After some reflection, he approached his father and asked for his inheritance. His father was really sad; no parent wants to lose their child to the world no matter what, but he gave in and gave the son whatever he had asked for.   


Years passed by, they always do and he squandered all his inheritance away on worldly pleasures. Suddenly his status among his new friends diminished and he became a nobody. Things were so bad, that he would eat with the pigs, because he had been judged and found not worthy to be someone anymore. Suddenly, he thought of home, back to that ordinary home and decided to go back as a servant because his father treated everyone in his household with love and kindness. 

His father saw him and welcomed him with an open arm; "Son, you were lost and now you are found. Welcome back home" How joyous the father was! Words can not really explain it. 
Forgiveness is hard! Most of us will probably struggle with it our whole life.
We can not keep grudges of everything that others do to us; it ties us down to that emotion - anger - which we know of so well. It also ties us to that person we have refused to forgive, in a very negative way. 

There is great relief and peace of mind in forgiving. Take the example of Christ; man sinned and did everything that displeased God and what did God do? He sent his son to come to the world to die for all humanity so that all our sins would be erased.   

Lacking forgiveness comes down to one major thing; PRIDE. There! If we can pray against pride, then we are on our way to practicing forgiveness. 

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