Monday, July 23, 2012

6 Sins Against The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our helper. He gives us Fortitude to face all our fears, Prudence to know what to do or say in any circumstance.Usually depicted as a dove.
Presumption: Assuming that God will save you in-spite of despite what you do. This means that you live your life as you see fit, without any connection to God since he created you and it's up to him to save you. Others go contrary to his precepts, while assuming that he still loves them regardless.

Despair: How can we give up when we know that his plans are the best? when we understand that we have been loaned this life and created with a purpose? yet, most of us often go through great depressions and despair, forgetting that we indeed have someone who talks constantly to us - Holy Spirit.

Resisting Truth: Even without being told, we know that God is the truth, his word is the truth and his laws are binding. He has clearly stated what he expects from us and we (as obedient children) need to follow that. However, most of the time we go ahead and participate in practices like abortion, using contraceptives, not bring up our children in the ways of God, living in trial marriages. If God is the truth and the devil a liar, whom are we imitating or looking up to?

Envy of another person's good: This occurs when we don't feel good whenever someone else is blessed or succeeds at something. We are our brothers keeper and we need to rejoice with them every time good befalls them.

Obstinacy in sinning: So, we have discovered that pre-marital sex is wrong and a sin before God, the next step would be to look for a way to get out of it and either get married or stop the relationship, wrong! mostly we tend to justify why we are doing it, while staying there and doing nothing about it. God hates sin and as we know where sin dwell, the Holy spirit doesn't dwell in there. 

Impenitence: When we lack repentance after sinning. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, how can he dwell in a filthy place? He can't and then we are left all alone without his guidance. 

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